We have a parent-run crèche available for pre-school children. Parents can take their children out to the crèche at any time during the service. A TV screen is provided so the parents can still watch the service. We also have a Zoom group on Fridays at 6pm for children aged 4+. Please contact us for more details.

Please read the important Covid safety guidelines below if you would like to use the creche.


  • The creche will be held in the prayer meeting room as this is bigger and will allow social distancing.
  • You are welcome to stay in the church with your child for the whole service but can leave at any time to go to the creche. Please book your seats in the usual way.
  • The prayer meeting room can only be accessed by the side entrance on First Avenue that is furthest from the main entrance. Please ask an usher if you are unsure.
  • A screen and speaker will be set up so you can watch the service in real time.
  • The maximum capacity is 6 adults so if you arrive at the prayer meeting room and there are already 6 adults in the creche then unfortunately you will not be able to go in.
  • When you arrive, choose a table and remain at that table while you are in the creche.
  • The windows will be open throughout.
  • Parents must wear masks and both parents and children need to sanitise when they arrive or wash hands in the sink in the adjacent toilet.
  • There is a toilet in the next room and a changing mat will be set up for baby changing. Please take used nappies home with you.
  • Parents must stay in the creche with their own child/children. You are not allowed to look after anyone else’s child.
  • The prayer meeting room has been set up with 6 small tables with an adult chair and child chair at each table (there are spare child chairs for those with more than one young child.} These have been arranged to allow social distancing (please see photos)
  • Each table will have a pack of disinfectant wipes and a small selection of toys, books and a craft.
  • We encourage you to bring your own toys as well, but please do not bring soft toys as these are more difficult to sanitise.
  • Please try to keep your child at your table but we do understand that this might not be possible. Adults should try to keep 2 metres apart from other adults as much as possible.
  • Please try to prevent children from sharing toys. However, if they do want to share, please use the wipes supplied to clean the toys first and throw the wipes in the bins provided.
  • Please wipe the toys that your child has played with the wipes at the end of the service.

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